100% Product quality protection

100% Product quality protection.

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100% On-time shipment protection.

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100% Payment protection.

Flushable Reinforced Endotracheal Tube with Cuff

Disposable General Anesthesia Endotracheal Kit

Scope for use:
Establish temporary artificial ventilation surgery and general anesthesia surgery .

Basic Configuration :

Name Quantity
disposable endotracheal tube* 1
suction catheter 1~2
surgical gloves 1~2 pairs
choice as per samples / requirements

Specification of Disposable General Anesthesia Endotracheal Kit
Classified as the size of endotracheal catheter:

Type Common type Reinforced type
With balloon Without balloon With balloon Without balloon
Size ID4.0 ID4.0 ID4.0 ID4.0
ID4.5 ID4.5 ID4.5 ID4.5
ID5.0 ID5.0 ID5.0 ID5.0
ID5.5 ID5.5 ID5.5 ID5.5
ID6.0 ID6.0 ID6.0 ID6.0
ID6.5 ID6.5 ID6.5 ID6.5
ID7.0 ID7.0 ID7.0 ID7.0
ID7.5 ID7.5 ID7.5 ID7.5
ID8.0 ID8.0 ID8.0 ID8.0
ID8.5 ID8.5 ID8.5 ID8.5
ID9.0 ID9.0 ID9.0 ID9.0
ID9.5 ID9.5 ID9.5 ID9.5



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