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Flushable Reinforced Endotracheal Tube with Cuff

Disposable Stomach Tube

Scope for use:
Mainly for Gastrointestinal decompression,gastric lavage,nasal feeding and extract gastric liquid in the clinic .


Professional UHF melting head technology, reduces burrs, sharp edge, reduces the damages to mucous membranes .
Professional hot punching technology, reduces burrs sharp edge, reduces the damages to mucous membranes .
Clear graduation, accurately determine the location of insertion .
Tube with an X-ray line,easy to detect depth of tube .
Multi-functional connector, with international standard of luer lock, convenient for syringe to extract stomach fluid .

Material of tube:
1、Medical PVC,with x-ray line,clear and accurate graduation .
2、Imported medical silicone,clear and accurate graduation,stable performance, appropriate hardness .



Specification of Disposable Stomach Tube

SIZE (F) Color Diameter(mm) Length(mm)
6 light green 2 ≥450
8 light blue 2.67
10 black 3.33
12 white 4 ≥1100
14 green 4.67
16 orange 5.33
18 red 6
20 yellow 6.67
22 purple 7.33



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