100% Product quality protection

100% Product quality protection.

100% On-time shipment protection

100% On-time shipment protection.

100% Payment protection

100% Payment protection.


As a professinal manufacturer at producing and exporting disposable products has own core competitiveness to get win-win in the rules of jungles ,to create more benefits for our customers and partners, to get the less part of win-win we deserve , to get the suitable role we play.

How can we get this way ?
At the beginning of establish factory and export company , we catched the core competitiveness ,the human resource . We, Yiles Medical has 3 technicians of top technical talents in China,10 senior technicians ,18 secondary technicians,30 professional special technician . They are the reasons that we have no more famous in overseas markets ,but almost all of manufacturers know us and making orders to us in China, yes , we've been making OEM orders .Our products has been exported to many countries and areas without our brand,such as United States , Europe , Africa, Middle East ,Southeast Asia and so on. So, we can say quality is the only way to get win-win.


Now, we face markets directly through Chengdu export company(Yiles Chengdu). Traders and we have different, we focus on serving our partners, traders almost focus on their benefits more. The all cost of production is under control from us , but not for traders ,most of them.But we never ever deny markets which are from some very good traders who have the powers of marketing control, because we believe in that you've been looking for a stable long-term partnership too, so be partners is better than be adversaries.

Cost reduction:
Factory base in Jiangxi has cheaper cost on labors than eastern developed areas in China , so there has one of three biggest medical bases . But there is no more professional exporters and traders for overseas markets, so we establish a professinal export company in Chengdu where is the capital of Sichuan, a western province of China, the point is why would be Chengdu ?


Why do we choose this inland city as a window for export ?
Chengdu , it is most important center city in the western area of China,own 300 enterprises of all 500 world's top enterprises and good export environment, it's panda's hometown . In 2012,the Forbes selected the top 10 cities which are the most potential cities of economy development in next decades in global world, Chengdu is the best one and the only one city getting the award. We are confident in getting some good partners for long-term cooperateion from here , we are ready , and you ?


Contact us now , let's get start .

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Export Company:No.599, South Century City Road,Gaoxin District,Chengdu,Sichuan,P.R.China, 610000.
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